We are about to celebrate our first birthday next month. As such, we are proud to be in the position to announce an early birthday present, in the form of being shortlisted for the DODs European Public Affairs awards for the category of Digital and Social Media champion of the year!

It is time to take a look back. And when we do, the first person we see is you dear reader. We would like to thank you for your time spent reading our articles, your support helping us to spread the word and your compassion or love in understanding our mistakes. Honestly, without you, this quest would have been senseless and our voice would have been lost in the vast internet outer space.

I can tell you, it has definitely not been easy. In a bubble dominated by business interests, national priorities, highly competitive well-paid professionals and lack of opportunities, we have created our own opportunity and we are making room for ourselves. We have been able to raise the voice of a fistful of emigrant fresh graduates from all over the world to have our messages heard. From Florida, through the expanses of Europe, crossing the Mediterranean sea to Kosovo and the Eastern partnership countries such as Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia, to the far reaching lands of China – we have been raising our voice. And contrary to the rest of our sector partners, we have done it without the help of poorly paid interns, or in-field connective support. This was a project launched at the price of our personal nerves, our own sleep hours, our free time and our own money -copper coins mostly 🙂  . It was built only using our friendship, unity despite diverse views, our knowledge, independence, and a strong sense of curiosity for the world which surrounds us.

Personally, as one of the ancients of the team, at the advanced age of 30, I have seen many things in life. But I have never before seen a group of individuals from such different backgrounds or life experiences pitching in to satisfy their hunger for knowledge, debate, and curiosity, and, in the end being able to raise their voice over the jungle of media giants. Therefore, I would like to congratulate all of my colleagues and friends who share this experience because after all, when you put all of yourself into something, it does not really matter whether you win or lose – the journey itself is a great prize.

Nevertheless, formal recognition is always good. And love, or affection, or simply appreciation is never a bad thing. Therefore, if you have read us, if you support our quest, or if you just want to express your support for the work of young people, then let it be heard. We invite those of you able, to recognize and enforce our work by voting for us to become the Digital/Social Media champion of the year for the DODs awards, for which we would be very honoured and grateful.


Thank you so much, again, for your time, attention, affection and support. Our team looks forward to celebrating many more birthdays, as well as other triumphs with you, the readers, who are our reason for being.

European-ly Yours,

JA Pavon

Each article posted represents the views of the author, and not the EuropeanPublicAffairs.eu team as whole.