We are excited to have been nominated and then shortlisted for 2014 EURidWeb Awards, in the category of ‘The House of .eu’.

This recognises those websites using .eu domains that have had an impact in five different categories.

The category we have been nominated and then shortlisted for is ‘The House of .eu’, which is intended for those websites that  represent companies or private persons in the news, media or entertainment industry such as news portals, or information agencies.

As a result of our shortlisted status, EURid has made the following video for EPA. In this video, you will see three of our founders – Jonas, Jimmy and Tom – discuss the diversity of origin and thought that form the core of EuropeanPublicAffairs.


While we did not win the 2014 EURid ‘The House of .eu’ award, we do very much appreciate not only those who nominated and shortlisted us but also those who have supported us in our growth. We will continue to strive to meet our readers and contributors expectations.