At this festive time of the year, our team cannot help but reflect upon what 2013 has meant for us. We are truly humbled by the growing readership, and the various discussions inspired by our articles. To be able to engage readers in and increase awareness of hot topics in European public affairs is, in our view, a great triumph. As such, without our readers, our initiative would have faded into nothing. An enormous thank you to everyone for reading, thinking about, discussing, and coming back to

One of Europe’s many strengths is unity despite diversity, and as such we have strived to present you with a range of viewpoints, as well as experiences. From first hand accounts of recent events, to interviews with individuals in the field, to analysis of particular policies, no topic is off the table here at As always, we encourage you to engage with our writers and fellow readers in discussion of issues presented. With our social media outreach having expanded to over 900 twitter followers and over 1000 facebook likes, including politicians, academics, NGO directors, CEOs, and citizens, we hope that individuals continue to think of our site as a form of inspiration for thought and productive discussion.

While we normally publish new articles every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the EPA team will take a short break from our standard article release schedule from the 21th of December to the 5th of January. During this time the EPA elves, fairies, and other festive helpers will not be idle. During this break, the site shall be buzzing with improvements so as to better serve you in the future.

With the planned improvements, our team’s collective resolution for 2014 is to continue to provide you with insightful articles as well as to increase the interactions between all involved, and promote discussion when possible. Aside from the website itself, join the discussions on our facebook page or tweet us (@EUpublicaffairs).

The entire EPA team wishes you all a very nice holiday season, and hopes to have you back with us on the 6th of January. Thank you again for your support.

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