As a young communication professional, I find it fascinating how my fellow colleagues across Europe perceive their jobs and careers. For all of you like-minded folks, I have collected my favourite findings of the 2014 European Communication Monitor:

  • Three out of four young PR professionals report their job as interesting and manifold
  • The youngest cohort reports the lowest satisfaction with their salary
  • But they also see the highest career opportunities
  • Networking among peers and colleagues is considered as most relevant for career development
  • Less than half of young PR professionals think their work-life balance is right
  • Younger communication professionals feel obliged to be ‘always online’
  • For young employees the most significant career factor was having work experience or an internship prior to the job
  • Young professionals believe that modern information technologies make they work easier
  • Most extra work is done by the youngest practitioners

And what do YOU think? Let us know in a tweet which findings you agree or disagree with!

The European Communication Monitor 2014 (ECM) is the largest international communication survey in the world, based on replies from 2,777 communication professionals in 42 countries. It identifies the status quo, key trends and major channels of future PR in Europe with a focus on leadership, gender and mobile media. It is organised by the European Public Relations Education & Research Association and the European Association of Communication Directors, and is sponsored by Ketchum.

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