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The Truth Behind Youth Unemployment: Collective cost of individual disengagement

9 March 2015 | by

A week ago the Eurostat published the latest of the series of EU unemployment figures. There is good news and bad news. The level of unemployment level fell from December’s 9.9% to 9.8%. On a year-on-year comparison the overall unemployment rate decreased by 0.8% or 1.82 million people. That is certainly not an insignificant figure […]

Why Holding an EU Referendum May Be a Good Idea After All: Learning the value of the EU not just its price

15 October 2014 | by

Judging by the media attention that numerous EU-sceptic movements have drawn these past few years, it would appear that Europe has entered the age of its disintegration. From Clacton’s by-election which has delivered UKIP its first MP in Westminster to Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s illiberal dream of rapprochement with Russia, the media outlets pay […]

MEP López Aguilar: “Europe should use its last opportunity to restore the European social model”

21 March 2014 | by

Juan Fernando López Aguilar is the head of the Spanish delegation of the PES and the current president of the European Parliament’s LIBE Committee. In this interview, the Canarian lawyer and politician links the promise of a better Europe with a turn to the left, asking pro-Europeans to believe and to vote.

Europe’s secure food supply jeopardised: only 6% of the EU’s farmers are below the age of 35

14 March 2014 | by

Although the full scale effects are yet to materialize, sustainability of Europe’s own food supply is under threat. For years now, the farming community has been faced with a demographic crisis with not enough young farmers joining the ranks. Only 6% of European farmers are currently under the age of 35. With youth unemployment in […]

The Ghost of Christmas Future

26 June 2013 | by

The world of work is working. Workers, employers and governmental representatives are discussing the future of the International Labour scene in a UN-based forum. This year, as any other, they are discussing key issues for our future: Employment and Social Protection for the new demographic; Sustainable Development, decent work and Green Jobs; and Social Dialogue. […]