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The Commission’s Transport Decarbonisation Communication

29 September 2016 | by

Environment has become a big topic in the public sphere. From agriculture to energy production, we care about how what we use is being produced. We know public awareness efforts are paying off as well; all industries have notably reduced their impact on the planet, even if not at the pace we would want them […]

Germany’s PKW-Maut Bill – update on a potential toll for foreign drivers

14 September 2015 | by

Germany’s controversial PKW-“Maut” bill – a motorway toll that would de facto apply to foreign passenger cars only, originally planned to come into force in 2016, is currently still pending an open infringement procedure from the Commission. The Commission argues that the bill is not compliant with the EU principle of non-discrimination while the German […]

What is ITS and how it will change the way you move?

30 April 2015 | by

ITS is the acronym for Intelligent Transport Systems, which refers to the application of Information and Communication technologies in different transport modes and transport infrastructures. It is a pretty broad concept that encompasses, for example, real-time traffic information, Advance Driver Assistance systems, automated cars or contactless ticketing. Currently, transport infrastructures are under strong pressure, particularly […]

2015 – your last chance for a “free ride” on the German autobahn? – Weighing the German initiative for a toll on ‘foreign’ motor vehicles

5 January 2015 | by

Background On 17 December 2014, despite protest from the European Commission and much scepticism from all political levels in Germany, the German cabinet passed transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt’s (CSU) draft bill on the PKW-Maut – a motorway toll that would de facto apply to foreign passenger cars only. This idea made its way to the […]

Who should pay to fix German potholes? Weighing the initiative for a toll on ‘foreign’ road users [Updated]

15 July 2014 | by

When Germany’s two largest parties – the CDU and the SPD – approved the coalition treaty just before Christmas last year, Angela Merkel’s sister party (CSU) managed to secure a key concession: the possibility of introducing a controversial motorway toll for foreign passenger cars. When the proposal was first launched, not many people in Berlin […]