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AmCham EU at forefront for a Transparency Register

8 April 2016 | by

I am amazed by the inability of this Juncker Commission to solve problems, big or small. How do we classify the problem of the Transparency Register? A small issue perhaps, but with big consequences in terms of openness, good governance and democracy.

Has the Juncker Commission changed policy making?

7 March 2016 | by

The arrival into power of the Juncker Commission in November 2014 crystallized many hopes, after several years of crisis. Depicted as the ‘last chance Commission’, promising to be ‘big on big things’ and to ‘break silos’, the new Commission has not skimped on communications to show everyone that it would bring a new era in […]

TTIP – Post Election, Bureaucratic, & Information Access Hurdles

7 July 2014 | by

As the new parliamentarians, and Juncker settle into their new roles whilst the Commission is reconfigured, our minds previously taken up by election details are turning back to the issues we may have put on hold, including the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. The sixth round of intense discussions will occur this month, but are […]

France: Cleaning up the political mess after the earthquake?

6 June 2014 | by

On Monday 26th May, France woke up shocked after the political earthquake it experienced with the result of the European Parliament elections. The French left, the Socialist Party (Parti Socialiste, PS) reached a poor 14% of the votes, while the right (Union pour un Mouvement Populaire, UMP) scored 21%; the most striking performance however was […]

Registration is not (yet) mandatory but transparency is

20 February 2014 | by

A title with a bracket does not look good. It neither  raises a question, nor makes a strong statement. Though, it seems to me to serve the purpose of an article which briefly takes stock of the review of Transparency Register for lobbyists and reflects upon the implications for European Public Affairs’ practitioners. As foreseen […]