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TTIP – Post Election, Bureaucratic, & Information Access Hurdles

7 July 2014 | by

As the new parliamentarians, and Juncker settle into their new roles whilst the Commission is reconfigured, our minds previously taken up by election details are turning back to the issues we may have put on hold, including the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. The sixth round of intense discussions will occur this month, but are […]

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, A Pact With The Devil

9 September 2013 | by

In times of crisis, eccentric friends are made. And in order to survive, one may rely and do business with people who normally would not be our preference, regardless their flavour. As it has been announced, the USA and the European Union are undergoing negotiations on a free trade agreement which is predicted to be […]

The Transatlantic Journey – TTIP & Cautious Optimism

2 September 2013 | by

Transatlantic economic cooperation has been something on the minds of those on both sides of the Atlantic before the recent economic woes. For instance, the Transatlantic Economic Council (TEC) was formed in 2007 to deal with increasing regulatory cooperation, as well as aid in addressing non-tariff barriers to transatlantic trade. With the economic situations in […]

Mingling across the Transatlantic Divide

8 July 2013 | by

All day, every day, I interact with a mixture of Europeans and Americans. There is a consistent flow of new cultural insights, languages buzzing in the corners, and a desire to connect to the ‘others’. The transatlantic relationship is, undeniably, incredibly important to all European and American citizens. Yet most people feel that, despite the […]

Americans interested in EPA??

25 February 2013 | by

Both in the United States and in Europe, I constantly get asked why an American should have any interest in the European Union or Europe in general besides just as a vacation destination. Why on earth would an American study European Public Affairs? While many of my American friends at University have decided to specialize […]