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EU Dumping Policy 2: China’s Market Economy Status

30 November 2016 | by

A lot of attention currently goes out to the provisions of China’s WTO Accession Protocol dealing with, as it seems, an automatic expiry of its non-market economy status in December 2016. China claims that the provision which allows for an alternative method for calculating dumping margins will no longer apply fifteen year after its date […]

EU Dumping Policy 1: The Fairness of the Analogue Country Method

20 September 2016 | by

Anti-dumping legislation is based on the rhetoric of fairness. The underlying concern is that a foreign company with considerable market power in its home country could sell its products at a loss in Europe to drive out competitors and increase its prices afterwards. The goal of anti-dumping measures, therefore, is to increase import prices when […]

Do We Need TTIP?

10 March 2016 | by

With the start of the 12th round of trade negotiations between the USA and the EU, the stars are shining bright in completing the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) at the end of this year. But that is if we only count the opinion of the policy advisor’s and politicians. Civil society and the unions are […]

The Dire Straits of Brexit: Potential implications for the EU, UK and the V4

19 February 2016 | by

This article was co-written by Dr Christian Schweiger, Frank Markovic & Tomas A. Nagy. Towards the ´inevitable´ referendum As the third largest member state in terms of population, the UK has in principle a substantial political weight inside the EU. Since the UK joined the European Economic Community (EEC) in 1973, reluctantly and only after […]

Resisting TTIP: Dissecting the popular resentment toward the world’s most ambitious free trade agreement

5 May 2015 | by

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is vastly ambitious in its scope. It seeks to reduce or eliminate the existing trade barriers between the US and the EU common market. In doing so, its supporters argue that it will create over €100 billion (a GDP increase of about 0.5 – 1 percent) worth of […]