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The Great Unravelling: How Digitalisation will change Society

13 October 2016 | by

The digitalisation of industry is a revolution. It will accelerate innovation and drive productivity. It heralds a new era and promises a future of smart manufacturing, customised products and increased coordination between supply and demand. Some, however, are more cautious about the whole thing. While the Commission presented its strategy to digitise industry and, in […]

High-Tech Fortress Europe: FRONTEX and the Dronization of Border Management

27 January 2016 | by

Irregular migration has become one of the top issues on the European Union’s (EU) security agenda in terms of securing external borders, protecting the cultural and ethnic identity of EU Member States, safeguarding their socio-economic welfare systems, and combating terrorism and organised crime. However, despite countless political exclusionary discourses, media cover-ups, policy efforts and drastic […]

Swiss Solar Wonder Set to Circumnavigate the World

13 October 2014 | by

Years ago, a child looked in wonder as a bi-wing plane roared to life, and took off into the clear blue sky; its pilot was an adventurous hero of the sky, inspiring awe from children as he whizzed by in a puff of wonder… and some exhaust fumes. The allure of aviation has transcended human […]

A Byte of EU Data Protection

30 October 2013 | by

In the age of internet, no longer is it necessary to follow someone’s paper trail, for if one has the digital know-how, the quantity of data that can be obtained is, quite simply, shocking. The world is at your fingertips. Admittedly, we have become fairly reliant upon technology and for the most part it does […]

Combating Planned Obsolescence – The Opportunity For Europe?

25 September 2013 | by

There was some big news in the tech world during the past weeks. The one I’d like to refer to is the Nokia mobile phone unit, taken over by Microsoft. Not that I’m very thrilled with that event, but I am not as opposed as the Finns who reportedly became quite depressed. When it comes […]