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Europe’s Hybrid Adversary: The European Dimension of the Battle for Aleppo

31 October 2016 | by

After the latest Syrian ceasefire deal had been violated through a reckless airstrike on a UN-convoy which headed into the encircled Aleppo, more than 560 people were killed (according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights). London and Washington called for Russia and its Syrian ally Assad to face war crime investigations, accusing them of […]

The EU’s deepening crisis and the problem with Germany’s leadership

1 April 2016 | by

The EU has now been in permanent crisis mode for almost a decade. It has been rattled by the combination of the lingering sovereign debt crisis in the eurozone and the emergence of a mounting refugee crisis since last summer. The crisis conditions have profoundly shifted the EU’s internal leadership dynamics. Germany has moved into […]

EU Foreign Policy: It is more efficient to work with its weaknesses than to desperately look for an ideal – Case of Syria

29 January 2016 | by

Regarding the conflicts in Syria and in the MENA region, two main issues are being over discussed; Schengen and the EU foreign policy. Not to be confused and in order to avoid general comments on the uselessness of the EU external affairs, it is necessary to remind that the EU is very strong in the […]

Refugee crisis in Europe: an unbiased explanation

9 October 2015 | by

Despite the new measures of a military operation to catch migrant traffickers, involving European warships patrolling international waters in the Mediterranean, and increased dialogue with the Turkish government to support refugee resettlement and stabilise border security which has faced an influx of 2.2 million refugees over recent months. Migration and asylum policy and is still […]

Syria’s crisis: a litmus paper for the EU

9 October 2013 | by

After the chemical weapons disaster in August, Syria is once again at the forefront of international news, leading to a new wave of discussions. Obama’s decision towards Syria, the recent UN resolution, Russia’s diplomacy and a new-old crisis in one of the most turbulent regions of the world – all of which provokes heated debate […]