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The Circular Economy Paradigm

13 September 2016 | by

Improving the efficiency with which the European Union uses resources is a priority in the face of an ever increasing population and corresponding growth of consumption well above the regenerative capacity of nature. In June 2015, MEP Pietikainen said that the current way in which resources are being used is unsustainable and that we need […]

The New Heating and Cooling Strategy: Warmer Homes, Cheaper Bills and More Efficient Industries

24 March 2016 | by

The European Commission has recently published its proposals for the Heating and Cooling sector, signaling the next stage in improving the energy efficiency and sustainability levels around Europe.  While the release has been low-key, partly overshadowed by other crises in the continent, its impact will be far reaching – beneficial both for the environment and […]

A Great Green Wall at the edge of the desert

23 October 2014 | by

Desertification and land degradation affect millions of people in the Sahel and the Sahara, home to the world’s poorest populations. In a place where around two-thirds of the land cover consists of drylands and deserts, desertification makes its way – boosted by human pressure, deforestation and climate change. Food security and the livelihood of local communities […]

European Mobility Week in Brussels – “In town without my car”, yes, but please not just once a year!

4 October 2013 | by

This picture is not a fake: Sunday 22nd September marked the climax of European Mobility Week (16-22 September) in Brussels – a car free day. I have not been living in the Belgian capital city for long but the contrast was startling; the congested streets were replaced by cyclists, pedestrians and public transport. Authorised vehicles […]

Combating Planned Obsolescence – The Opportunity For Europe?

25 September 2013 | by

There was some big news in the tech world during the past weeks. The one I’d like to refer to is the Nokia mobile phone unit, taken over by Microsoft. Not that I’m very thrilled with that event, but I am not as opposed as the Finns who reportedly became quite depressed. When it comes […]