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Spain: looking for a new government

29 February 2016 | by

National elections took place in Spain more than two months ago, and yet, the country does not seem any closer now to having a new government that it did the 20th of December. During these two months, we have seen all parties negotiating with each other, but there is skepticism about their actual willingness to […]

Local and Regional Elections in Spain 2015: Now, closer than ever to Europe.

29 May 2015 | by

After the last local and regional elections it seems obvious that a new political era is starting in Spain. After almost 30 years since its annexation to the EU, Spain is beginning to achieve real progress towards a genuine integration within the European community and provide itself with the tools to compete on an equal footing. […]

15 days after the ebola crisis – manual on how austerity made a country celebrate having malaria

27 October 2014 | by

Drawing upon the recent discovery of the first case of Ebola in Europe via the nurse Teresa Romero – who was in contact with the two Ebola-infected missionaries brought back to Spain to receive healthcare – it is time to review the causes behind one of the biggest public health crises of our times. Phase 1) […]

#StopCañete: Why Cañete is not the mediator needed for the Energy and Climate portolio

3 October 2014 | by

Miguel Arias Cañete began his hearing at the European Parliament on the 1st October, apologising for his infamous masochist comment during the European electoral campaign in Spain, and by explaining that he has sold his shares in the fuel storage companies Ducor and Petrologis (where his brother-in-law remains a shareholder). This way, he jumped directly in […]

EP elections in Spain: Bi-partisanship, the love story that destroyed the world

14 May 2014 | by

The two big political families know that they are facing hard times. Despite the traditionally strong national character that EP elections of the past have had in Spain, the lack of a strong political discourse – besides the useless thrusts they throw to each other everyday – has made the mainstream parties EP campaigns cast […]