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Why Russia will not close its sky to EU airlines (and why it might)

22 September 2014 | by

With a new set of sanctions imposed on Russia by the EU last week, the trade war between the two sides is gaining momentum. Postulating the potential Russian response, the rumours say that the government at the Kremlin may decide to close its airspace to airlines from the EU and the USA. As alarming as […]

What lies behind Visegrad Four’s different positions towards Ukraine and Russia?

5 September 2014 | by

The current conflict over Ukraine has quickly escalated into a matter of geopolitical importance. Cornered by the events and pushed into assuming a position, the EU has officially responded to the situation by imposing sanctions against Russia in three waves. While the EU has so far largely managed to speak with one voice, this does […]

EU-Ukraine Association Agreement – Part 3

27 June 2014 | by

Together with the appointment of the new leadership in the EU, high on the political agenda of the two-day EU summit (26-27th June) is Ukraine. A buzzword that stands  in the international media environment for many things currently: sanctions on Russia,  European security architecture, unprecedented civil society uprisings, EU energy diversification projects, Russia-sponsored terrorism and […]

Russian Bear: the test for Europe’s adequacy

25 June 2014 | by

“Let us divide Ukraine between Russia, Poland, Romania and Hungary. It is never too late to correct historical mistakes”. This statement belongs to the odious and scandalous Russian politician Vladimir Zhyrinovskiy. You might also know him from his previous “masterpieces” stating that Ukraine is not a country, rather a fake geopolitical space. Many people do […]

EU-Ukraine Association Agreement – Part 2

23 April 2014 | by

As already discussed in the first part of this article, the Association Agreement is a crucial milestone of Ukraine’s further development – both internally and externally. It has the potential to determine this country’s geopolitical and prospective civilizational future for the next few decades. Ukraine, together with the EU, have jointly put much effort and […]