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Time to change it all!

18 March 2016 | by

Observers are focussing on the 23rd June referendum, but more important is what will happen on the 24th. If a majority votes to leave, will Commissioner Hill be buying a one-way ticket to London? Will the 73 British MEPs go back home immediately? If the ‘in’ side wins, can we imagine that everything will continue […]

Has the Juncker Commission changed policy making?

7 March 2016 | by

The arrival into power of the Juncker Commission in November 2014 crystallized many hopes, after several years of crisis. Depicted as the ‘last chance Commission’, promising to be ‘big on big things’ and to ‘break silos’, the new Commission has not skimped on communications to show everyone that it would bring a new era in […]

Resisting TTIP: Dissecting the popular resentment toward the world’s most ambitious free trade agreement

5 May 2015 | by

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is vastly ambitious in its scope. It seeks to reduce or eliminate the existing trade barriers between the US and the EU common market. In doing so, its supporters argue that it will create over €100 billion (a GDP increase of about 0.5 – 1 percent) worth of […]

EU Enforcement Action Against Google

15 April 2013 | by

Google is facing enforcement action and possibly fines in six EU member states for violating EU privacy law. The six countries are: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the U.K.

Data Protection: good for citizens but bad for business?

29 March 2013 | by

The future for data protection in Europe has finally arrived in the form of an EU Data Protection Regulation. Taking the stage after being leaked onto the virtual world, the new law will modernise the EU Data Protection Directive of 1995 in the form of a directly applicable Regulation. The European Commission presented this proposal […]