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After Paris, Europe Finds Itself At a Crossroad

20 November 2015 | by

While the fog of terrorist war clears, facts and a narrative will emerge in the days ahead, shedding light on how the terrorists planned and executed their crimes. The wider policy implications of the Paris attacks for Europe as a whole will take considerably more time to become visible. The short-term lends itself as easier […]

A missed opportunity for V4 to rise above themselves

28 September 2015 | by

During the recent weeks and months the EU has become consumed by the events of the refugee crisis unfolding both on Europe’s external and internal borders. Regrettably, the ongoing humanitarian tragedy has been reduced to the mere question of refugee quotas – and often at the expense of solutions that would address the cause of […]

Ukraine’s Humanitarian Crisis: Psychosocial Dimension

16 September 2015 | by

This piece is part of a series of articles about Ukraine’s humanitarian crisis triggered by the on-going war with Russia-backed rebels in the East of the country. In countries like Ukraine – where the population has not experienced war for many years and suddenly finds itself in the midst of bloodshed – when people talk […]

Preparing the World Humanitarian Day: Presentation of a timely initiative

7 September 2015 | by

The ongoing refugee crisis within the European Union has become the “burning issue” of the year. Displayed on every front-page, this critical situation and the ill-fated fallout – with its latest reminder being the tragic story of the little Aylan Kurdi lying dead on the beach of Bodrum – seems to have finally mobilised public opinion across […]

EU Autumn of Discontent: What awaits the V4?

3 September 2015 | by

As summer slowly winds down, European leaders – both in Brussels and national capitals – are going to be exposed to challenges which they had temporarily shelved aside to be solved at a later date. Some of these issues, notably the refugee crisis and the upcoming EU referendum in the UK, are of particular relevance […]