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Hungary’s lose-lose referendum

30 September 2016 | by

Hungarians will be casting ballots in a controversial referendum on EU migrant quotas this Sunday. Or so the government of the country’s outspoken conservative prime minister, Viktor Orbán hopes. In an attempt to gain further political momentum, the ruling Fidesz party has put enormous efforts into mobilising voters in order to reach the 50% turnout […]

What future for the international protection of refugees in Europe?

16 September 2016 | by

The year 2016 will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most challenging for the European Union. The unexpected number of migrants arriving in Europe and the clumsy decisions adopted in response to the refugee crisis are spreading dissent over the entire European project, increasing the threat for the EU’s fragmentation. Hungary and Italy represent […]

The EU’s deepening crisis and the problem with Germany’s leadership

1 April 2016 | by

The EU has now been in permanent crisis mode for almost a decade. It has been rattled by the combination of the lingering sovereign debt crisis in the eurozone and the emergence of a mounting refugee crisis since last summer. The crisis conditions have profoundly shifted the EU’s internal leadership dynamics. Germany has moved into […]

With Commission Silent, Border Starts to Crack

2 March 2016 | by

Ground reports from the Greek-Macedonian border at Idomeni indicate a worsening situation whose ripple effects will start to be felt in the coming days throughout Europe. Although the current situation at the Macedonian border remains vague, activist and media contacts paint a picture of an increasing swell of refugees numbering in the thousands left to […]

Turkey In: The Storm’s Eye

1 February 2016 | by

A chorus of international condemnation is growing around Turkey’s increasingly authoritarian state. Yet, the EU finds that the country remains on track to join the union. A closer look reveals the slow meltdown of this candidate member and its hidden fatal flaws threatening the EU itself.