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Slovakia’s Anti-Gay Referendum: Will Political Apathy Save Democracy?

30 January 2015 | by

On Saturday 7th February Slovakia will hold a popular vote which, if successful, will further undermine the legal standing of the local LGBT community in the eyes of the state. 4.4 million Slovak citizens will get a chance to express their opinion on three following questions: Do you agree that no other cohabitation of persons […]

Why Holding an EU Referendum May Be a Good Idea After All: Learning the value of the EU not just its price

15 October 2014 | by

Judging by the media attention that numerous EU-sceptic movements have drawn these past few years, it would appear that Europe has entered the age of its disintegration. From Clacton’s by-election which has delivered UKIP its first MP in Westminster to Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s illiberal dream of rapprochement with Russia, the media outlets pay […]

It may be a Scottish vote, on a British island, but Thursday’s vote will be a European event

16 September 2014 | by

Being a born and bred UK citizen, I naturally look at the debate and looming vote on Scottish independence with keen interest and, concerning the closer polls, a racing heart. Growing up in the North West of England did much to engage me in debates around the English North-South [internal] border, but little to foster […]

Power struggle for the EU Presidency: will the UK manage to block Juncker?

3 June 2014 | by

With the recent European Parliament (EP) elections now past, the month long wrangling over whom will be selected as EU Commission President in place of President Barroso has begun. With the introduction of the Lisbon Treaty procedure due to be enacted for the first time – which sees the European Council (national Government’s) put forward […]

Between a Portcullis and the Guillotine

11 February 2014 | by

In Brussels, the order of the day is compromise. In scenes that can sometimes invoke ideas of the grand bargains on Capitol Hill in D.C., the EU 28 Member States need to find agreement. Additionally, seven political groups also need to cobble-together a consensus and finally, nations and parties need to find an [un]happy medium […]