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Power struggle for the EU Presidency: will the UK manage to block Juncker?

3 June 2014 | by

With the recent European Parliament (EP) elections now past, the month long wrangling over whom will be selected as EU Commission President in place of President Barroso has begun. With the introduction of the Lisbon Treaty procedure due to be enacted for the first time – which sees the European Council (national Government’s) put forward […]

Any Questions…? #8

7 May 2014 | by and

A Selection of the best questions MEPs asked EU institutions on your behalf. Whether you think of them as a democratic Antichrist or quite the opposite, a manifestation and celebration of (trans-) democracy, the European elections are finally upon us. That means MEPs are packing their precious belongings and heading back home to campaign for […]

Partisan nature of the European Commission? A big no-no for the sake of the European Union

3 April 2014 | by

For a while there has been quite a stir in Brussels about the upcoming European Parliament elections – and I am not talking about some MEPs flying back already to their home constituencies to begin campaigning, rather than voting at the Plenary. Since the changes to the Lisbon Treaty the question being asked throughout Brussels […]

Any Questions…? #7

2 April 2014 | by and

A Selection of the best questions MEPs asked EU institutions on your behalf. As the not-so-wintery days turn into warm weeks, weeks into even warmer months, and the air is finally filled with the promise of summer, the population of Brussels takes full advantage of the sunny spells. Suddenly, every waffle van is accompanied by […]

Croatia and the European Parliament

2 July 2013 | by

With Croatia being warmly welcomed as the newest member of the European Union this week, it’s worth noting the impact and affect a 28th member state will have on the entrenched EU institutions as they approach a critical year in terms of power play and positioning. With the 2014 European elections due to take place […]