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The Brexit Task Force: Who’s Who and When to Pay Attention

29 March 2017 | by

The long-awaited Brexit negotiations can finally commence between the UK and EU. Although much has been written about the activities here in the UK as the DexEU team gets up and running – despite the staff shortage recently reported – only limited comment has been focused on the EU’s Brexit Task Force. This week, both the […]

Power struggle for the EU Presidency: will the UK manage to block Juncker?

3 June 2014 | by

With the recent European Parliament (EP) elections now past, the month long wrangling over whom will be selected as EU Commission President in place of President Barroso has begun. With the introduction of the Lisbon Treaty procedure due to be enacted for the first time – which sees the European Council (national Government’s) put forward […]

The TTIP Negotiations: A Transatlantic Perspective

26 November 2013 | by

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is set to become a defining moment in our relationship with America, on par with such historic events as the Fall of the Berlin Wall, or the 9/11 attacks on New York City. For the European Union (EU) as an organisation, having only achieved its current legal and […]