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Dutch Referendum: a symbolic blow to the establishment & an opportunity for change

7 April 2016 | by

Over the course of the past decade or so, the Netherlands has had two opportunities to snub the EU elites and it has not passed on either of the two: first in 2005 when the country voted against the Lisbon Treaty and then yesterday when the Dutch held a popular vote on the EU-Ukraine trade […]

Schengen in the Wake of Germanwings Tragedy: Reconciling Freedom and Security

7 April 2015 | by

Security and liberty are not easy bedfellows. In 1667, the French government created the first modern police force. It was created with the mission of providing safety – and representing the government – in Paris, Europe’s largest city at the time. In 1797, the British government considered creating a similar force, to limit theft and […]

Partisan nature of the European Commission? A big no-no for the sake of the European Union

3 April 2014 | by

For a while there has been quite a stir in Brussels about the upcoming European Parliament elections – and I am not talking about some MEPs flying back already to their home constituencies to begin campaigning, rather than voting at the Plenary. Since the changes to the Lisbon Treaty the question being asked throughout Brussels […]

Restrictions to Freedom of Movement for Labour: the Culture of Something for Nothing

21 February 2014 | by

With the recent developments in Switzerland, the pan-European rise of popularity of the extreme right, and the recurring theme of xenophobia whipped up by the national press, one can be rightfully concerned whether the anti-migration movement in Europe is gathering pace in the run-up to the EU elections in May. Sadly, but not surprisingly, recent […]

The European Citizens’ Initiative; A Laborious Start

25 February 2013 | by

Yesterday (10 February 2013), the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) ‘Water is a Human Right’ succeeded in collecting 1 million signatures of EU citizens. It is the first of the 15 open ECIs to reach the required amount of signatures. The ECI has been created by the Lisbon Treaty* to enhance participatory and direct democracy, addressing […]