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Europe’s troublemakers: Similar style, different motives

21 March 2016 | by

During the frequent European Council summits, two men are certain to make the headlines lately. Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán has long been the pariah – or enfant terrible, depending on one’s political standpoint – of European politics. But over the past months, his Italian counterpart, Matteo Renzi has been just as outspoken, causing headaches to […]

High-Tech Fortress Europe: FRONTEX and the Dronization of Border Management

27 January 2016 | by

Irregular migration has become one of the top issues on the European Union’s (EU) security agenda in terms of securing external borders, protecting the cultural and ethnic identity of EU Member States, safeguarding their socio-economic welfare systems, and combating terrorism and organised crime. However, despite countless political exclusionary discourses, media cover-ups, policy efforts and drastic […]

Refugee crisis in Europe: an unbiased explanation

9 October 2015 | by

Despite the new measures of a military operation to catch migrant traffickers, involving European warships patrolling international waters in the Mediterranean, and increased dialogue with the Turkish government to support refugee resettlement and stabilise border security which has faced an influx of 2.2 million refugees over recent months. Migration and asylum policy and is still […]

Italian Presidency: Priorities, Insights and Best Wishes

16 June 2014 | by

First, with new Rapporteurs to be appointed at the end of July (earliest), a new Commission to be formed in November, the August recess as well as the July/December holidays, the upcoming (1 July) Italian Presidency is left with about 4 months of actual Council work and little room for trialogues. Second, adding to the […]

Italian excessive economic imbalances, let’s talk about homework

7 March 2014 | by

On Thursday, the European Commission published its In-Depth Reviews, as part of the 2014 cycle of the European Semester. The analysis concluded that Italy has excessive economic imbalances. Reactions from Rome were immediate: the new Prime Minister Renzi responded with the 134 characters of twitter. The Italian Economic and Finance Ministry elaborated a bit more […]