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Preparing the World Humanitarian Day: Presentation of a timely initiative

7 September 2015 | by

The ongoing refugee crisis within the European Union has become the “burning issue” of the year. Displayed on every front-page, this critical situation and the ill-fated fallout – with its latest reminder being the tragic story of the little Aylan Kurdi lying dead on the beach of Bodrum – seems to have finally mobilised public opinion across […]

EU Autumn of Discontent: What awaits the V4?

3 September 2015 | by

As summer slowly winds down, European leaders – both in Brussels and national capitals – are going to be exposed to challenges which they had temporarily shelved aside to be solved at a later date. Some of these issues, notably the refugee crisis and the upcoming EU referendum in the UK, are of particular relevance […]

65th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration: Retirement time!

11 May 2015 | by

Five days after Star Wars celebrated their World Day – May the Fourth be with you – the “fandom” of the European Union celebrated the 65th anniversary of one of its greatest symbols: The sexagenarian Schuman declaration. On May 9, 1950, the French foreign minister Robert Schuman (alongside Jean Monnet) proposed a plan to pool […]

One Direction Immigration: the Biggest Election Issue?

14 July 2014 | by

In the centre of the Place du Luxembourg in the European Quarter of Brussels stands a statue of, a British industrialist of the early 19th century. Cockerill frequently seems out-of-place, not only because of the traffic cones, empty beer glasses and flags that sporadically adorn him (the square is a favourite haunt of thirsty Parliamentarians […]

Restrictions to Freedom of Movement for Labour: the Culture of Something for Nothing

21 February 2014 | by

With the recent developments in Switzerland, the pan-European rise of popularity of the extreme right, and the recurring theme of xenophobia whipped up by the national press, one can be rightfully concerned whether the anti-migration movement in Europe is gathering pace in the run-up to the EU elections in May. Sadly, but not surprisingly, recent […]