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Hungary’s lose-lose referendum

30 September 2016 | by

Hungarians will be casting ballots in a controversial referendum on EU migrant quotas this Sunday. Or so the government of the country’s outspoken conservative prime minister, Viktor Orbán hopes. In an attempt to gain further political momentum, the ruling Fidesz party has put enormous efforts into mobilising voters in order to reach the 50% turnout […]

Europe’s troublemakers: Similar style, different motives

21 March 2016 | by

During the frequent European Council summits, two men are certain to make the headlines lately. Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán has long been the pariah – or enfant terrible, depending on one’s political standpoint – of European politics. But over the past months, his Italian counterpart, Matteo Renzi has been just as outspoken, causing headaches to […]

EU Autumn of Discontent: What awaits the V4?

3 September 2015 | by

As summer slowly winds down, European leaders – both in Brussels and national capitals – are going to be exposed to challenges which they had temporarily shelved aside to be solved at a later date. Some of these issues, notably the refugee crisis and the upcoming EU referendum in the UK, are of particular relevance […]

Hungary’s Internet Tax: Continuing to undermine the country’s democratic principles

31 October 2014 | by

In the past week, Hungary’s government led by self-styled Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has been faced with one of the biggest challenges since his accession to power in 2010. Hundreds of thousands of Hungarians took to the streets on Tuesday and last weekend to protest against the recently announced tax on Internet use – a […]

What lies behind Visegrad Four’s different positions towards Ukraine and Russia?

5 September 2014 | by

The current conflict over Ukraine has quickly escalated into a matter of geopolitical importance. Cornered by the events and pushed into assuming a position, the EU has officially responded to the situation by imposing sanctions against Russia in three waves. While the EU has so far largely managed to speak with one voice, this does […]