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Turning MEPs into digital natives: the prospects of a Digital Affairs and Technology Committee

When Neelie Kroes took office in 2009, many interpreted her move from competition to the newly-created digital agenda portfolio as a step down the career ladder. Five years on, digital agenda has climbed to the very top of Europe’s policy priorities. During the election campaign, lead candidates seemed keen to agree on its importance in […]

#EP2014 Part 1: The Candidates

21 May 2014 | by

If the EU had a hall of fame, the first ever candidates to the presidency of the European Commission elected by the European Parliament would have probably already won their star. During their pre-electoral periplus across Europe, they have met hordes of journalists and participated in numerous national political rallys held in a Babel of […]

You want to vote, but can you??

2 May 2014 | by

As an EU citizen, it is considered a civil duty to cast a ballot for the continuation of our democratic process. Due to the multilevel governance structure, this civil duty exists not only at the national level but also at the European level. In Europe, citizens are “directly represented at the Union level in the […]

Tchüss/Salut/Bye Dany! A tribute to Daniel Cohn-Bendit

25 April 2014 | by

2014 sees the departure of many well-known and respected MEPs, each having contributed in their own way to the work of the European Parliament. I would however like to pay special tribute to someone who was instrumental in the evolution of my own personal engagement with the European Parliament, years before I had seen either […]

Any Questions…? #6

5 March 2014 | by and

A selection of the best questions MEPs asked EU institutions on your behalf. The spring has come, and with the thaw of imaginary snow here in Brussels the political activities of the Members of the European Parliament are picking up speed. Especially since we are all eagerly counting down the time until the elections in […]