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TTIP – Post Election, Bureaucratic, & Information Access Hurdles

7 July 2014 | by

As the new parliamentarians, and Juncker settle into their new roles whilst the Commission is reconfigured, our minds previously taken up by election details are turning back to the issues we may have put on hold, including the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. The sixth round of intense discussions will occur this month, but are […]

France: Cleaning up the political mess after the earthquake?

6 June 2014 | by

On Monday 26th May, France woke up shocked after the political earthquake it experienced with the result of the European Parliament elections. The French left, the Socialist Party (Parti Socialiste, PS) reached a poor 14% of the votes, while the right (Union pour un Mouvement Populaire, UMP) scored 21%; the most striking performance however was […]

Better Ownership of the EU: Key to Higher Turnout in the European Elections?

28 May 2014 | by

The European elections are done and dusted. Although some of the implications of last week’s vote will not materialize for some time to come, we can draw one conclusion already: Europeans are increasingly feeling disengaged from the European Union. This is true despite the EU-wide turnout slightly increasing since 2009, due to many of the […]

EP Elections 2014 – A Narrow Path Against Austerity, A Dangerous Misstep Towards…

26 May 2014 | by

Simply, the European elections have left a post-apocalyptic scenario. Austerity policies have left a new weaker Europe, in which the intergovernmental character will rise significantly. In this scenario, although the main political power houses remain in power they will need a pact in order to maintain a solid core of power at the new Commission […]

You want to vote, but can you??

2 May 2014 | by

As an EU citizen, it is considered a civil duty to cast a ballot for the continuation of our democratic process. Due to the multilevel governance structure, this civil duty exists not only at the national level but also at the European level. In Europe, citizens are “directly represented at the Union level in the […]