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ECI recap at the European Parliament

6 March 2015 | by

Last week, on 26th of February 2015, the PETI and AFCO committees at the European Parliament hosted a public hearing on the European Citizens Initiative (ECI). The event brought together representatives from the European institutions, the European Ombudsman, campaigners and experts to discuss the lessons learned. Since the ECI regulation entered into force on 1st […]

European Citizens Initiative – The Cinderella of Citizen Government Relations

16 April 2014 | by

Naturally, we strive for the ideal, the utopia, the fairy tale. The European Citizens Initiative, in its ideal essence, is a wonderful tool to funnel the voices of citizens to politicians who serve them at the European level. Many spin it as proof that the European Union is striving to be as close to citizens’ […]

Equal Voting Rights For All European Citizens

17 January 2014 | by

Responsible citizenship is a concept resounding throughout the ages. It is widely acknowledged that participating in a vote is the pinnacle essence of living in a democracy. It is what people have fought, and are still fighting for all around the world. After years of fighting for this right, and blood being spilt fighting for […]

European Citizens Initiatives – one year of challenges

Fraternité 2020 was the very first European Citizens´ Initiative (ECI). Started with great enthusiasm by 50 citizens from all EU member states, without funds or any affiliations to political parties. The beginning was a struggle with major problems with the Online Collection System (OCS), but later with the help of the European Commission, the first supporting […]

Fraternité and the Swimming Salmon

5 April 2013 | by

Decades after the signing of the Schengen Agreement, the EU can boast of having created a space with no internal borders in almost all of its Member States. The agreement’s aim was to improve the functioning of the internal market and to bring the benefits of integration to the citizens of Europe.