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Germany’s PKW-Maut Bill – update on a potential toll for foreign drivers

14 September 2015 | by

Germany’s controversial PKW-“Maut” bill – a motorway toll that would de facto apply to foreign passenger cars only, originally planned to come into force in 2016, is currently still pending an open infringement procedure from the Commission. The Commission argues that the bill is not compliant with the EU principle of non-discrimination while the German […]

What should be in the 2015 State of the Union?

As President Juncker puts together the final touches to his State of the Union address, scheduled to be held at 09.00 CMT on Wednesday 9 September. EuropeanPublicAffairs.eu has provided a wishlist from each of our contributors on what they hope this year’s address will focus on, ranging from unemployment, social inequality, defence, skill development and energy. Feel free […]

Preparing the World Humanitarian Day: Presentation of a timely initiative

7 September 2015 | by

The ongoing refugee crisis within the European Union has become the “burning issue” of the year. Displayed on every front-page, this critical situation and the ill-fated fallout – with its latest reminder being the tragic story of the little Aylan Kurdi lying dead on the beach of Bodrum – seems to have finally mobilised public opinion across […]

EU Autumn of Discontent: What awaits the V4?

3 September 2015 | by

As summer slowly winds down, European leaders – both in Brussels and national capitals – are going to be exposed to challenges which they had temporarily shelved aside to be solved at a later date. Some of these issues, notably the refugee crisis and the upcoming EU referendum in the UK, are of particular relevance […]

Could EU efforts to build capital markets hurt SMEs?

31 August 2015 | by

Few in leadership positions truly understand and advocate for the unique challenges that face SMEs. With large corporations having the resources to advocate their views and ensure they are not impacted by upcoming policies, SMEs do not have these resources, nor do they regularly have the time to be up to date on levels of […]