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The EU’s deepening crisis and the problem with Germany’s leadership

1 April 2016 | by

The EU has now been in permanent crisis mode for almost a decade. It has been rattled by the combination of the lingering sovereign debt crisis in the eurozone and the emergence of a mounting refugee crisis since last summer. The crisis conditions have profoundly shifted the EU’s internal leadership dynamics. Germany has moved into […]

The New Heating and Cooling Strategy: Warmer Homes, Cheaper Bills and More Efficient Industries

24 March 2016 | by

The European Commission has recently published its proposals for the Heating and Cooling sector, signaling the next stage in improving the energy efficiency and sustainability levels around Europe.  While the release has been low-key, partly overshadowed by other crises in the continent, its impact will be far reaching – beneficial both for the environment and […]

‘One In, One Out’ Deal Enters Uncharted Territory

23 March 2016 | by

While a cold and tense Brussels was in the grip of Abdesallam’s arrest, on the other side of town, the European leaders were finalising their agreement with Turkey. It had been a tough two days, with Turkey’s Prime Minister Davutoglu arriving under intense pressure to make a deal. And while the summit had been ongoing, President […]

Do We Need TTIP?

10 March 2016 | by

With the start of the 12th round of trade negotiations between the USA and the EU, the stars are shining bright in completing the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) at the end of this year. But that is if we only count the opinion of the policy advisor’s and politicians. Civil society and the unions are […]

The Dire Straits of Brexit: Potential implications for the EU, UK and the V4

19 February 2016 | by

This article was co-written by Dr Christian Schweiger, Frank Markovic & Tomas A. Nagy. Towards the ´inevitable´ referendum As the third largest member state in terms of population, the UK has in principle a substantial political weight inside the EU. Since the UK joined the European Economic Community (EEC) in 1973, reluctantly and only after […]