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Resisting Complacency – EU Citizens in UK Strive to Fix European Election Voting Problems

16 July 2014 | by

Prior to the European elections this past May, the alarm had been raised that the voter registration procedures throughout the European Union were convoluted, difficult to navigate for those trained, and the sheer number clouded most organisations from providing aid to citizens. While the EU stresses democratic legitimacy of voting, and encourages mobility amongst citizens, […]

EP Elections 2014 – A Narrow Path Against Austerity, A Dangerous Misstep Towards…

26 May 2014 | by

Simply, the European elections have left a post-apocalyptic scenario. Austerity policies have left a new weaker Europe, in which the intergovernmental character will rise significantly. In this scenario, although the main political power houses remain in power they will need a pact in order to maintain a solid core of power at the new Commission […]

#EP2014 and #BE2505: A short guide dedicated to the expatriates living in Belgium

23 May 2014 | by

Being Belgian while living and/or working in Brussels inside the European microcosm can be sometimes quite challenging. Although you do not have to go through the same hurdles as all your expat friends whose situation of being foreign makes it more difficult when dealing with administrative matters, the challenge resides actually in your newly acquired […]

#EP2014 Part 1: The Candidates

21 May 2014 | by

If the EU had a hall of fame, the first ever candidates to the presidency of the European Commission elected by the European Parliament would have probably already won their star. During their pre-electoral periplus across Europe, they have met hordes of journalists and participated in numerous national political rallys held in a Babel of […]

You want to vote, but can you??

2 May 2014 | by

As an EU citizen, it is considered a civil duty to cast a ballot for the continuation of our democratic process. Due to the multilevel governance structure, this civil duty exists not only at the national level but also at the European level. In Europe, citizens are “directly represented at the Union level in the […]