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The unclear future of EU-ETS: is there still a chance of success?

5 February 2016 | by

The EU-ETS has been a cornerstone tool for combating rising greenhouse gas emission levels since its inception. It began to embody the “polluter pays” principle, which pointed out that emissions create external costs (damage to air, water, soil etc.) that should be paid for by those who produce the emissions. This will make polluting a […]

The EU Circular Economy Package: What it is vs. What it means

18 December 2015 | by

Following a year long delay, the revised EU Circular Economy Package (CEP): Closing the loop – an EU action plan for the Circular Economy was launched by Vice-President Frans Timmermans of the European Commission (EC) earlier this month (2 December). The long-awaited report aims to recognise and outline a clear path towards a sustainable and […]

Territorial Cooperation within the Northern Periphery… and the Arctic

12 March 2014 | by

Today we will have a ride through the far North of Europe, led by Mr. Ole Damsgaard, Head of the Northern Periphery Programme (NPP) Secretariat. The area covered by this programme is characterised by its harsh climate, sparse population and remoteness. Moreover, as climate change gradually modifies its morphology, this programme gives ever more attention […]

Shifting gears on transforming energy and the environment? A progress report from Germany’s grand coalition government in the making

8 November 2013 | by

Updated on 20 November. As Germany’s headline-making diplomatic stand-off over US spying efforts is handled by a caretaker government, negotiations to form a future grand coalition government are underway. Despite a wild card lying in the fact that any outcome needs the approval from a social-democratic party-member-only referendum to be concluded by 12 December, most […]

European Mobility Week in Brussels – “In town without my car”, yes, but please not just once a year!

4 October 2013 | by

This picture is not a fake: Sunday 22nd September marked the climax of European Mobility Week (16-22 September) in Brussels – a car free day. I have not been living in the Belgian capital city for long but the contrast was startling; the congested streets were replaced by cyclists, pedestrians and public transport. Authorised vehicles […]