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The unclear future of EU-ETS: is there still a chance of success?

5 February 2016 | by

The EU-ETS has been a cornerstone tool for combating rising greenhouse gas emission levels since its inception. It began to embody the “polluter pays” principle, which pointed out that emissions create external costs (damage to air, water, soil etc.) that should be paid for by those who produce the emissions. This will make polluting a […]

The Multiple Seats of the European Parliament – Role Model of Good Governance?

29 May 2014 | by

Last Sunday was the big day where many European citizens cast their votes to elect the new European Parliament for the next five years. The European Parliament represents the interests of the European citizens through direct elections, but is still, up to a certain degree, ruled by member states. Unlike any other government in the […]

EU 2030 Objectives: emissions vs. renewables

30 January 2014 | by

Following the recent publication of the 2030 framework for climate and energy policies by the European Commission (EC), I was struck by the political struggle over what, to many people, would seem like a trivial choice of phrase: emissions or renewables. Behind the serene diplomatic curtain of these negotiations the key battleground has been whether […]

Carbon Capture & Storage – The dilemma of future energy strategies

13 November 2013 | by

Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) has long been labelled as a key component of any future energy strategy devised at global, EU or national level. The EU has been intent on creating a commercially viable CCS project by 2020 in order to fuel growth, jobs, exports, and help set future emission targets for 2030 and […]

European Mobility Week in Brussels – “In town without my car”, yes, but please not just once a year!

4 October 2013 | by

This picture is not a fake: Sunday 22nd September marked the climax of European Mobility Week (16-22 September) in Brussels – a car free day. I have not been living in the Belgian capital city for long but the contrast was startling; the congested streets were replaced by cyclists, pedestrians and public transport. Authorised vehicles […]