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Time to Catch Up: The EU’s Cyber Security Strategy

4 March 2016 | by

In recent years, cybersecurity has become a high ranking issue threatening stability worldwide. The age of mega-breaches has arrived, cybersecurity going hand in hand with fighting an almost invisible and unconventional enemy lurking in the shadows of an anarchic cyberspace. Cybercrimes are increasing because of global interconnectedness, coupled by inadequate protective measures exposing government and […]

Turning MEPs into digital natives: the prospects of a Digital Affairs and Technology Committee

When Neelie Kroes took office in 2009, many interpreted her move from competition to the newly-created digital agenda portfolio as a step down the career ladder. Five years on, digital agenda has climbed to the very top of Europe’s policy priorities. During the election campaign, lead candidates seemed keen to agree on its importance in […]

European Consumer Summit 2014: Boosting consumer rights in the digital era

4 April 2014 | by

On 1 and 2 April, alongside the seemingly endless series of summits – including the EU-Africa Summit – which have been continually haunting the daily commute of Brusselers, the city also hosted a rather less pompous summit. This year’s edition of the European Consumer Summit, the first (and maybe last?) to be hosted under the […]

eCall: Saves time to save lives, what is taking so long?

6 November 2013 | by

eCall, the EU-wide in-vehicle emergency call system, is able to contact the European emergency services number (112) directly from a vehicle in the event of a serious road accident, from anywhere in Europe. All new vehicles should be equipped with the in-vehicle system from October 2015 onwards. On 5th November, the draft reports and opinions on […]