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A new EU Security Strategy: towards a militarised Europe?

16 August 2016 | by

“Europe has never been so prosperous, so secure nor so free”. It was 2003 and those were the words introducing the self-congratulatory EU Security Strategy that set the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) guidelines for the next 13 years. The former High Representative (HR), Javier Solana, drafted it to tackle indirect and external threats, […]

Let’s not devalue human life in the name of preserving it

18 April 2016 | by

On fighting terrorism, one will always defend the short term of action and the use of hard tools, the other the long term way and the use of soft tools. The solution often stands in between, but one can still find solutions while respecting EU core values such as human and fundamental rights. Democracies have […]

Does Europe need a European intelligence agency?

10 February 2016 | by

With the attacks in Paris last year some leaders in the European Parliament have called for a pan-European intelligence agency. The leader of ALDE, Verhofstadt, is a proponent of such an organization. He has called for more cooperation between intelligence agencies or the start of an independent European Intelligence Agency. With this call he has […]

The European Commission’s Preparatory Action (PA) on CSDP-related Research: Bridging the European Defence Technology Gap

6 January 2016 | by

Less than a century ago, Edmund Husserl’s warning words about the European continent were more than farsighted: ‘the gravest danger menacing Europe is its lassitude.’[i] Applied to the security and defence international landscape, his words ring even truer. In the current climate of fiscal and economic austerity, recent debates on the European Union’s (EU) security […]

What should be in the 2015 State of the Union?

As President Juncker puts together the final touches to his State of the Union address, scheduled to be held at 09.00 CMT on Wednesday 9 September. EuropeanPublicAffairs.eu has provided a wishlist from each of our contributors on what they hope this year’s address will focus on, ranging from unemployment, social inequality, defence, skill development and energy. Feel free […]