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The EU needs to fight fear with hope

30 March 2016 | by

We live in uncertain times. Our lives are dominated by the narrative of fear and our societies have become a sombre epitome of divides that run deep and wide, but in principle follow the same logic of the “us” and “them” mentality. Global warming, the economic and refugee crises, Russia’s expansionist foreign policy and Islamic […]

Is the Banking Union strong enough to avert the next economic crisis?

14 December 2015 | by

At the heart of the Economic and Monetary Union lies a fundamental contradiction. On the one hand, the EMU requires considerable integration of policies at euro zone level, and a high degree of economic discipline at the national level. On the other hand, most people of the euro zone do not want to be ruled […]

Refugee crisis in Europe: an unbiased explanation

9 October 2015 | by

Despite the new measures of a military operation to catch migrant traffickers, involving European warships patrolling international waters in the Mediterranean, and increased dialogue with the Turkish government to support refugee resettlement and stabilise border security which has faced an influx of 2.2 million refugees over recent months. Migration and asylum policy and is still […]

Preparing the World Humanitarian Day: Presentation of a timely initiative

7 September 2015 | by

The ongoing refugee crisis within the European Union has become the “burning issue” of the year. Displayed on every front-page, this critical situation and the ill-fated fallout – with its latest reminder being the tragic story of the little Aylan Kurdi lying dead on the beach of Bodrum – seems to have finally mobilised public opinion across […]

An EU minimum income directive – Placebo or the ultimate chance to save an terminally ill EU social model?

9 April 2014 | by

Doctor, the patient looks really bad, it looks blue and yellow. Is there anything we can still do to save it? Symptoms, treatment side effects and alternative grandma’s medication: Democracy is seriously threatened by a politics-business symbiotic virus. After the homeopathic medicine of bailouts, states have impoverished themselves to sustain banks. With such a depletion […]