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Economic sanctions against Russia: What to expect next?

16 December 2015 | by

This week is likely to be crucial for the extension of EU economic sanctions against Russia. The issue will be discussed by Heads of State during the European Council on Thursday and Friday. Sanctions are due to expire in January 2016 and an extension of six months, waiting for the Minsk Agreements to be fulfilled, […]

Russian Bear: the test for Europe’s adequacy

25 June 2014 | by

“Let us divide Ukraine between Russia, Poland, Romania and Hungary. It is never too late to correct historical mistakes”. This statement belongs to the odious and scandalous Russian politician Vladimir Zhyrinovskiy. You might also know him from his previous “masterpieces” stating that Ukraine is not a country, rather a fake geopolitical space. Many people do […]

Ukraine Gets a Taste of Putin’s Russia

20 March 2014 | by

The election of the pro-Russian President Yanukovych came at a high price to Ukraine. Soon after he came to power, Yanukovych rejected the country’s aspirations to join NATO by submitting the law describing Ukraine as a militarily non-aligned country, declining any ambition to join the North Atlantic alliance. The same year, the Ukrainian parliament, the […]