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The Brexit Task Force: Who’s Who and When to Pay Attention

29 March 2017 | by

The long-awaited Brexit negotiations can finally commence between the UK and EU. Although much has been written about the activities here in the UK as the DexEU team gets up and running – despite the staff shortage recently reported – only limited comment has been focused on the EU’s Brexit Task Force. This week, both the […]

Slovakia’s EU Presidency: Brexit, divided Europe and an opportunity to restore the tarnished reputation

1 July 2016 | by

Today the Netherlands hands over the reins of the EU Council presidency to Slovakia. The challenges at hand could not be more consequential: the EU structures are being undermined by the popular revolt that has moved beyond symbolism and fringes of the society. The next six months will therefore be crucial in setting the tone […]

Power struggle for the EU Presidency: will the UK manage to block Juncker?

3 June 2014 | by

With the recent European Parliament (EP) elections now past, the month long wrangling over whom will be selected as EU Commission President in place of President Barroso has begun. With the introduction of the Lisbon Treaty procedure due to be enacted for the first time – which sees the European Council (national Government’s) put forward […]

Any Questions…? #8

7 May 2014 | by and

A Selection of the best questions MEPs asked EU institutions on your behalf. Whether you think of them as a democratic Antichrist or quite the opposite, a manifestation and celebration of (trans-) democracy, the European elections are finally upon us. That means MEPs are packing their precious belongings and heading back home to campaign for […]

Partisan nature of the European Commission? A big no-no for the sake of the European Union

3 April 2014 | by

For a while there has been quite a stir in Brussels about the upcoming European Parliament elections – and I am not talking about some MEPs flying back already to their home constituencies to begin campaigning, rather than voting at the Plenary. Since the changes to the Lisbon Treaty the question being asked throughout Brussels […]