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Can we fight fire with fire when it comes to populism?

6 March 2017 | by

Populism has undoubtedly enjoyed a good year in 2016. Emboldened by the successes of Vote Leave and Donald Trump, the trend could continue in 2017, with elections in the Netherlands and France the most immediate litmus tests. Lots of ink, analogue and digital, has been spilled over how the opposite camp (call it progressives, liberals, […]

Between extra hours and after hours – what it means to be a young PR pro

5 November 2014 | by

As a young communication professional, I find it fascinating how my fellow colleagues across Europe perceive their jobs and careers. For all of you like-minded folks, I have collected my favourite findings of the 2014 European Communication Monitor:

Why public affairs does not equal lobbying

27 January 2014 | by

According to Public Affairs Council President Doug Pinkham, “public affairs is the most important function that nobody understands”. It is certainly much easier to walk into a party and introduce yourself as a ‘lobbyist’ though even that term may be rather mysterious (and often negative) to most. It is worth considering therefore what these job […]