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A Return to Pragmatism? Lord Hill announced as UK Commissioner Designate

17 July 2014 | by

British Prime Minister David Cameron has just announced Jonathan Hopkin Hill, Baron Hill of Oareford (ergo Lord Hill) as the British Commissioner designate. This nomination may prove to be the most important in UK-EU relations, and indeed in the history of the College of Commissioners, given the ever-more precarious position of the UK within the […]

#EP2014 Part 2: The Parties

22 May 2014 | by

Full disclosure: The author of this article is currently working for the Party of European Socialists As of today, EU citizens will be heading to the polls to renew the European Parliament. For that reason, we are closing our short series on the elections with an overview of the main pan-European parties. Even though in […]

#EP2014 Part 1: The Candidates

21 May 2014 | by

If the EU had a hall of fame, the first ever candidates to the presidency of the European Commission elected by the European Parliament would have probably already won their star. During their pre-electoral periplus across Europe, they have met hordes of journalists and participated in numerous national political rallys held in a Babel of […]

MEP López Aguilar: “Europe should use its last opportunity to restore the European social model”

21 March 2014 | by

Juan Fernando López Aguilar is the head of the Spanish delegation of the PES and the current president of the European Parliament’s LIBE Committee. In this interview, the Canarian lawyer and politician links the promise of a better Europe with a turn to the left, asking pro-Europeans to believe and to vote.

Clash of the Titans: European Council vs. European Parliament and their fight for the next Commission President

26 February 2014 | by

Over the years the European Parliament elections have increasingly become synonymous with “second order elections” where the brightest candidates do not always make it onto the ballot, and with “low turnout” caused by the citizens’ perception that the European Union is too complex, irrelevant to their interests and not very exciting. But this time… this […]