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One Direction Immigration: the Biggest Election Issue?

14 July 2014 | by

In the centre of the Place du Luxembourg in the European Quarter of Brussels stands a statue of, a British industrialist of the early 19th century. Cockerill frequently seems out-of-place, not only because of the traffic cones, empty beer glasses and flags that sporadically adorn him (the square is a favourite haunt of thirsty Parliamentarians […]

Why a Madiba dies everyday trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea

29 January 2014 | by

As my dearest colleague Silvia Curbelo stated in a previous article, debates on EU migration have been catapulted to the front of the policy spectrum by the hand of the EU Greek council presidency, calling for a unified asylum system and a more coordinated management of border controls. However, the situation is far from reaching […]

Malta: national identity for sale

18 November 2013 | by

Malta has found a new plan to overcome the financial crisis. The small Mediterranean island will now sell Maltese citizenship for €650.000; aiming to attract big spenders and investors. The Maltese government hopes to sell 200 to 300 passports per year.  Prime Minister Joseph Muscat predicts it will bring in €30 million annually and therefore, help […]

Fraternité and the Swimming Salmon

5 April 2013 | by

Decades after the signing of the Schengen Agreement, the EU can boast of having created a space with no internal borders in almost all of its Member States. The agreement’s aim was to improve the functioning of the internal market and to bring the benefits of integration to the citizens of Europe.