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Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), and the World

11 October 2016 | by

Since the advent of the Bretton Woods System when the dollar was issued as an international reserve currency, Europeans especially the French, decried ‘le privilege exorbitant’ of the US. Indeed, the exorbitant privilege was used and misused throughout the 1960s, to pay for Johnson’s New Society and for the Vietnam war. This currency power has […]

Greece, Syriza and the EU Banking Union

11 February 2015 | by

A Shifting Landscape In October 2014, the European Central Bank concluded a year-long assessment of the balance sheets for Europe’s 130 largest banks, known formally as the ‘Comprehensive Assessment’. It revealed a cumulative capital shortfall of €24.6 billion euros among 25 of the euro areas’ largest lenders under ‘adverse’ circumstances. Three out of four of […]

Banking: Extended Social Responsibility – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

15 October 2013 | by

During my well-deserved holidays, in the sunny beaches of my beloved Andalucia, I fell into a lull and – influenced by the temperatures, the smell of the sea, and attractive young ladies in summer dresses surrounding me – had some sort of weird delightful dream of a better and fairer world – better from my […]