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Europe’s Hybrid Adversary: The European Dimension of the Battle for Aleppo

31 October 2016 | by

After the latest Syrian ceasefire deal had been violated through a reckless airstrike on a UN-convoy which headed into the encircled Aleppo, more than 560 people were killed (according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights). London and Washington called for Russia and its Syrian ally Assad to face war crime investigations, accusing them of […]

Let’s not devalue human life in the name of preserving it

18 April 2016 | by

On fighting terrorism, one will always defend the short term of action and the use of hard tools, the other the long term way and the use of soft tools. The solution often stands in between, but one can still find solutions while respecting EU core values such as human and fundamental rights. Democracies have […]

The EU-Turkey Refugee Deal: A Durable Solution?

11 April 2016 | by

The EU and its leaders have been under increasing pressure to resolve the greatest and most divisive crisis in recent history. Constant images of migrants huddling in the cold of muddy makeshift camps, fighting over food thrown over fences and coming off flimsy boats in tears, shivering from shock, begs the question: how can this […]

‘One In, One Out’ Deal Enters Uncharted Territory

23 March 2016 | by

While a cold and tense Brussels was in the grip of Abdesallam’s arrest, on the other side of town, the European leaders were finalising their agreement with Turkey. It had been a tough two days, with Turkey’s Prime Minister Davutoglu arriving under intense pressure to make a deal. And while the summit had been ongoing, President […]

Refugee Crisis: Bridging the gap between Old and New Europe

13 January 2016 | by

Europe: Perpetual state of Crisis For almost half a century now, the Society of the German Language has chosen the so called Word of the Year – a word or a group of words that in the past 12 months made the most significant contribution to the country’s history. Last year’s winner? “Fluechtlinge” or in […]