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Odd one out: Religious Freedom, Money, Animal Welfare

29 May 2013 | by

In order not to let the issue of animal welfare dry up on these pages too quickly, I’d like to add one more snapshot to the full picture of how the EU declares to care about animals and eventually, does nothing. The case of ritual slaughter, the most cruel practice used in the meat business, […]

Zoosadism We All Pay For: How The EU Keeps Bullfighting Alive

22 May 2013 | by

With his thought-provoking article on the EU approach to animals, published last Monday, my fellow blogger Emanuele seems to have magically brought about an event, that ultimately proved his point. Two days later, a group of European Parliament members asked the Commissioner of agriculture if it’s true that the EU Common Agricultural Policy funds are […]

A General Reflection on (The Wrong Perspective On) Animal Rights In The EU

13 May 2013 | by

Last month, it happened to be that I transported my cat from Maastricht to Rome by car. To cut a long story short, since this was the first time I had undertaken such a trip, I decided to educate myself on how this is possible within the EU. That is when I thought “Well, we […]