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‘One In, One Out’ Deal Enters Uncharted Territory

23 March 2016 | by

While a cold and tense Brussels was in the grip of Abdesallam’s arrest, on the other side of town, the European leaders were finalising their agreement with Turkey. It had been a tough two days, with Turkey’s Prime Minister Davutoglu arriving under intense pressure to make a deal. And while the summit had been ongoing, President […]

Welcome to Croatia, the European Union’s 28th member state!

1 July 2013 | by

For Croatia, it is all over bar the fireworks. On the first of July, Croatia will join the European Union as the 28th Member State. In February 2003, Croatia applied for EU membership and it was granted the candidate status in June of 2004. The entry negotiation process was then opened in October 2005. These […]

EU-Ukraine Summit: empty words or a step forward?

8 March 2013 | by

A couple of days ago – on the 25th February 2013– Ukraine was once again at the heart of Brussels dialogue. Another incident with Missis Tymoshenko, or a gas crisis with Russia you might think? No, it was simply the 16th EU-Ukraine summit. Simple or not, let’s reflect on who said what and why?