Bursting the Bubble

A General Reflection on (The Wrong Perspective On) Animal Rights In The EU

13 May 2013 | by

Last month, it happened to be that I transported my cat from Maastricht to Rome by car. To cut a long story short, since this was the first time I had undertaken such a trip, I decided to educate myself on how this is possible within the EU. That is when I thought “Well, we have free movement of persons, services, goods and capital, so in which one of the four do animals fit?”. Only to find out that they are not comprised in any of these categories, actually, they have their very own section within the EU Treaties. Guess where: in the Health Protection (of humans of course) section. Continue reading

Happy Europe Day (& May The Odds Be Always In Your Favour)!

10 May 2013 | by

What a busy day the 9th of May is this year! First, celebrated across Europe, Victory Day, marking the capitulation of fascism in Germany in 1945. Secondly, due to a coincidence of this years calendar (yes Lesia, the Julian one), Ascension Day. The Roman Catholic Church celebrates this every 14th Thursday after Easter Monday, with this day granted as an extra bank holiday – in Belgium at least. Thirdly, for the Eurobubble, the 9th May is a day to remember – Europe Day.
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In Europe, We’re All Equal (Unless We’re Not)

8 May 2013 | by

January 2013 marked the beginning of the European Year of Citizens – a year dedicated to citizens and their rights. As part of this EU initiative a number of town hall debates with citizens, hosted by Commissioners, will be held across Europe. One such debate took place on Saturday 4th May here in Brussels. Some 200 people partook in this debate, myself included, while many more were following on the internet as the debate was live-streamed online.

Leaving aside the unrepresentative sample of people present, echoed by Charles Pique, a Belgian politician also attending the debate, the questions put to the Commissioner were unimaginative and only on occasions provocative and challenging. Continue reading

5th May – Easter is coming!

3 May 2013 | by

Judging by the heading of this article, you might probably think that it is slightly belated or irrelevant. Or you simply have already found all the Easter eggs hidden in your garden and eaten up the huge variety of chocolate products available for Easter. Not so fast friends! There is more to celebrate (or at least to read about)! First and foremost for those of you around the European continent, who are Christian Orthodox. But also for our audience, being willing to enrich itself and extend individual outlooks every single day – regardless its religious affiliation.

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The W for Willem!

30 April 2013 | by

Finally, the big day in the Dutcherlands arrived! Crown Prince Willem-Alexander, 45, is set to become the country’s first king in more than a century when his mother, the current Queen Beatrix, abdicates after 30 years on the throne.

Newspapers are filled with discussions on the most important topics: How are they preparing? What will Princess Maxima wear? What is the weather going to be like? (Even though it’s always crap.) Dutch citizens can’t wait to wear their lovely orange shirts and weird hats again and party like never before. A few important things I would like to share with you before getting the party started. Continue reading