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Europe’s Hybrid Adversary: The European Dimension of the Battle for Aleppo

31 October 2016 | by Dmitriy Miryan

After the latest Syrian ceasefire deal had been violated through a reckless airstrike on a UN-convoy which headed into the encircled Aleppo, more than 560 people were killed (according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights). London and Washington called for Russia and its Syrian ally Assad to face war crime investigations, accusing them of […]

Frontex’s new mandate, a controversial EU approach to the refugee crisis

26 October 2016 | by Natàlia Segura

Only five years ago, barely anyone in Europe (outside the EU bubble) had ever heard of Frontex. Today, this young agency has captured media and civil society attention as it has become a relevant actor in the worst migration crisis the continent faces since World War II. With a recently approved new mandate and additional […]

What future for the international protection of refugees in Europe?

16 September 2016 | by Davide Guadagnino

The year 2016 will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most challenging for the European Union. The unexpected number of migrants arriving in Europe and the clumsy decisions adopted in response to the refugee crisis are spreading dissent over the entire European project, increasing the threat for the EU’s fragmentation. Hungary and Italy represent […]

NATO’s Southern Dilemma: Contesting Security Interests of the Regional Powers in the Middle East

19 November 2014 | by Nino Japarashvili

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) finds itself between two fronts. To the East, Russia, by annexing Crimea, a Ukrainian territory, has violated the post-WW international order which has secured the decades’ long peace in Europe. To the South, the rise of extremism in the Middle East has created one of the most challenging threats […]

Syria’s crisis: a litmus paper for the EU

9 October 2013 | by Olesia Ogryzko

After the chemical weapons disaster in August, Syria is once again at the forefront of international news, leading to a new wave of discussions. Obama’s decision towards Syria, the recent UN resolution, Russia’s diplomacy and a new-old crisis in one of the most turbulent regions of the world – all of which provokes heated debate […]