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Taming the Bear: How EU Sanctions fail against Russia

2 June 2017 | by Dmitriy Miryan

Skepticism towards the efficacy of sanctions is wide-spread, and in fact most of the literature to be found on the topic is deeply pessimistic. Thus, three years into the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and after the European Union and allies imposed sanctions on Moscow, it is hardly surprising that those measures did not lead […]

Brexit: Should Visegrád countries fight for free movement of workers?

3 March 2017 | by Frank Markovic

Central and Eastern European states are faced with a demographic crisis that has a potential to seriously undermine the region’s geopolitical strength and economic prosperity. Aging population, underpinned by the mass emigration and brain drain are a nightmare in waiting and an economic time bomb in disguise. Surprising as it may be, the upcoming Brexit […]

Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), and the World

11 October 2016 | by Rogier Van Vaerenbergh

Since the advent of the Bretton Woods System when the dollar was issued as an international reserve currency, Europeans especially the French, decried ‘le privilege exorbitant’ of the US. Indeed, the exorbitant privilege was used and misused throughout the 1960s, to pay for Johnson’s New Society and for the Vietnam war. This currency power has […]

The EU-Turkey Refugee Deal: A Durable Solution?

11 April 2016 | by Eduard Ashworth

The EU and its leaders have been under increasing pressure to resolve the greatest and most divisive crisis in recent history. Constant images of migrants huddling in the cold of muddy makeshift camps, fighting over food thrown over fences and coming off flimsy boats in tears, shivering from shock, begs the question: how can this […]

‘One In, One Out’ Deal Enters Uncharted Territory

23 March 2016 | by Jorge Vanstreels

While a cold and tense Brussels was in the grip of Abdesallam’s arrest, on the other side of town, the European leaders were finalising their agreement with Turkey. It had been a tough two days, with Turkey’s Prime Minister Davutoglu arriving under intense pressure to make a deal. And while the summit had been ongoing, President […]