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EU ETS and the Circular Economy

31 May 2017 | by Irina Dumitrescu

The Commission’s proposal to reform the ETS aims at drastically reduce the number of sectors on the carbon leakage list, by applying a purely one-size-fits-all quantitative formula that multiplies trade intensity by emission intensity. This approach, however, ignores the potential strategic importance of these sectors in providing solutions towards the EU objectives of the circular […]

The Political Economy of the Energy Union

13 February 2017 | by Rogier Van Vaerenbergh

In 2014 Juncker presented his vision on the European Energy policy, whereas we need to pool our resources, combine our infrastructures and unite our negotiation power with third countries. He established 4 pillars for an Energy Union: creating an Energy Union by pooling resources and connecting networks; diversifying energy sources; helping Member States becoming less […]

The Commission’s Transport Decarbonisation Communication

29 September 2016 | by Darius Mikulenas

Environment has become a big topic in the public sphere. From agriculture to energy production, we care about how what we use is being produced. We know public awareness efforts are paying off as well; all industries have notably reduced their impact on the planet, even if not at the pace we would want them […]

The Circular Economy Paradigm

13 September 2016 | by Bjorn Delbeecke

Improving the efficiency with which the European Union uses resources is a priority in the face of an ever increasing population and corresponding growth of consumption well above the regenerative capacity of nature. In June 2015, MEP Pietikainen said that the current way in which resources are being used is unsustainable and that we need […]

Is Europe being left behind in nuclear energy development?

4 July 2016 | by Ed Gavaghan

Brexit has taken most of the column inches recently throughout Europe, but amongst the ever changing tectonic plates of European geopolitics, day-to-day governance on a range of issues continues at pace. None are more important and potentially critical to the European energy sector than the future of nuclear development – both new build and plant life […]