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The Great Unravelling: How Digitalisation will change Society

13 October 2016 | by Bjorn Delbeecke

The digitalisation of industry is a revolution. It will accelerate innovation and drive productivity. It heralds a new era and promises a future of smart manufacturing, customised products and increased coordination between supply and demand. Some, however, are more cautious about the whole thing. While the Commission presented its strategy to digitise industry and, in […]

Vestager quests for what is fair

27 April 2016 | by Rogier Van Vaerenbergh

Competition means that businesses are under constant pressure to be better than their competitors so as to win customers. Competition stimulates innovation and technical progress, and this improves consumer welfare. Consumer interests are thus at the core of competition policy. In a competitive market, each business strives to “be the best”, attracting consumers by cutting […]

Time to Catch Up: The EU’s Cyber Security Strategy

4 March 2016 | by Raluca Csernatoni

In recent years, cybersecurity has become a high ranking issue threatening stability worldwide. The age of mega-breaches has arrived, cybersecurity going hand in hand with fighting an almost invisible and unconventional enemy lurking in the shadows of an anarchic cyberspace. Cybercrimes are increasing because of global interconnectedness, coupled by inadequate protective measures exposing government and […]

What is ITS and how it will change the way you move?

30 April 2015 | by Silvia Curbelo Betancort

ITS is the acronym for Intelligent Transport Systems, which refers to the application of Information and Communication technologies in different transport modes and transport infrastructures. It is a pretty broad concept that encompasses, for example, real-time traffic information, Advance Driver Assistance systems, automated cars or contactless ticketing. Currently, transport infrastructures are under strong pressure, particularly […]

Panel discussion in The Netherlands on the right to be forgotten

28 January 2015 | by Farah Coppola

Last week in Amsterdam, a panel of experts discussed the right to be forgotten pertaining to the Google Spain v AEPD and Mario Costeja González case, hereinafter (Google v Gonzàlez). The participants in the debate were Mr. Egbert Dommering, a professor of law at the University of Amsterdam, Andreas Udo De Haes, a journalist and […]