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Taming the Bear: How EU Sanctions fail against Russia

2 June 2017 | by Dmitriy Miryan

Skepticism towards the efficacy of sanctions is wide-spread, and in fact most of the literature to be found on the topic is deeply pessimistic. Thus, three years into the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and after the European Union and allies imposed sanctions on Moscow, it is hardly surprising that those measures did not lead […]

Post-Coup Turkey and Its Implications for South Caucasus

9 September 2016 | by Nino Japarashvili

After several years of European attempt to locate the three South Caucasian countries, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, within a common framework, policies of these neighbouring states have become more distant to each other. Currently, the strategic region on the crossroads of Europe, Asia and the Middle East, finds itself in a situation where Official Tbilisi, […]

Asia matters for Europe & Europe matters for Asia – Is it really so?

11 May 2016 | by Natasha Marie Levanti

A few weeks ago, Mongolia kicked off the first of several events and high-level meetings under one common name: the Asia-Europe meeting. Dozens of side events including civil society forum, youth forum, business forum and various meeting of 51 heads of state, including the European Union as well as the ASEAN Secretariat will take place. […]

Turkish Spring?

1 June 2013 | by Ana Mingo Jaramillo

A western style ‘occupy’ movement which started on Monday to protest against the removal of Gezi Park in Istanbul (one of the last green spaces in the city centre) for the construction of a controversial shopping centre has quickly escalated into a widespread mobilisation against the government of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) of PM […]

Russia VS. EU Common Energy Policy

9 April 2013 | by Olesia Ogryzko

From the very beginning of the European Union (European Communities) the main incentive for states involved in the integration progress was the conviction that cooperation would bring them more benefits than the actions taken on their own. Even in such controversial and extremely important matters like foreign policy, security and a monetary union, a “single […]